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An MCGS Exclusive

The Brother/Sister Chart!
This Pedigree chart is a working "score sheet." It presents a quick  summary of one's knowledge of his/her ancestors and the proof of the information as derived from primary sources. It combines the usual Pedigree chart with features of a Family Group sheet. So, in addition to direct ancestors, all the children can be shown for the first four generations of families. Lines are also given to write source references. Comes with description/instruction sheet; covers seven generations. Check it out in the Store

New in the Forums Section!

As a member of MCGS, you have access to our forums section, where you can post your thoughts/questions on a variety of topics. A brand new forum is "Upcoming Programs" where you can make suggestions for speakers and presentations you'd like to see at our monthly meetings. You can even recommend yourself! We always try to have programs that are interesting and informative for our members and this is one way you can make sure we are meeting our goals.
And while you're on the forum page, take a look at the other topics and contribute. Or, if there doesn't seem to be a forum on the topic you're interested in, let us know and we'll get one set up.


October 28
October Board Meeting
All those interested are welcome to attend. Please let us know if you will be there -- contact Lisa Christopherson, MCGS President

October 28
October Membership Meeting -- German Immigrants in Wisconsin
Antje Petty, Assistant Director Max Kade Institute will give a presentation on "German-Speaking Immigrants in Wisconsin." This provides an overview of German immigration to Wisconsin, focusing mainly on the 19th century. German-speaking immigrants came at different times, from different ...

October 29
Getting Started: Organization & Software
Learn the best way to get started on your family history (or what to do if you've already started). We'll also spend some time discussing the various software programs available for managing your growing collection of data.

November 6
Czech-Slovak Area Research Group
For more information:

November 12
Italian Area Research Group
For more information: